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  Two disturbing stories recently on the greens.  First Spiegel magazine runs an article on the rise of extremist right-wing environmentalism in Germany.  Then The Observer newspaper reveals that, in the name of preventing ‘climate change’, British aid

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Back in the 1980s, when girls wore shoulder pads and no-one had heard of global warming, people used to think that environmentalism was driven by an innocent concern for nature (dolphins and what have you).  But now it is abundantly clear that there is more to being ‘

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  Giant Meryl Streeps, with hair-dos and pearls, are riding round on London buses, reminding us of the achievements of the Iron Lady.  Mrs Thatcher, as we all know, saved Britain by privatising State monopolies.  It seems so obvious now what was needed, but at the

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  What are we to make of the morose nostalgia of the greens?  Why do today’s posh rebels yearn for the world as it was before capitalism?  What was it about the Middle Ages that appeals to them so much?  In his Deep Economy, green writer Bill McKibben

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  Who poses the greater threat to freedom?   Colonel Gaddafi?  The Taliban?  Or let’s look closer to home, at a sinister group with far, far greater influence on the future of Western civilization. The Green zealots, with their bicycles and wispy