We need a new Luther. We need another revolutionary protest to reclaim Christianity. The Roman Catholic and Anglican churches are now firmly in the hands of people who are opposed to freedom and progress.  Clifford Longley admiringly writes that, ‘Both (Francis and Welby) are outspoken critics of global capitalism and the concessions that governments tend to make to keep it happy, usually at the expense of the poor.’

Read that again, because, in Longley’s weasel phrases, there’s dirty work at the crossroads.  Longley, like all his anti-capitalist kind, is guilty of what the Marxist philosopher Georg Lukacs called reification. He has turned a relationship between people into a ‘thing’.  He says governments are nice to capitalism to keep ‘it’ happy.

Capitalism is the free exchange of services voluntarily rendered and received. It is a relationship between people, characterized by freedom. Adding ‘global’ merely indicates that governments have been less than successful at hindering the free exchange of people's services across national boundaries.

A ‘concession’ to capitalism, is a ‘concession’ to freedom. The authoritarian instinct of Longley and Welby and Francis is dressed up as generosity and big-heartedness … in particular a concern for the poor.  But when we ask the question, ‘has capitalism (freedom) benefited the poor?’ no-one, with any knowledge of history, no-one except a lunatic or a scoundrel, could answer, without blushing, anything but, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

This attack on freedom does not help 'the poor' either materially (Socialism makes poor people poorer), or morally. The corrosive, dehumanizing effects of a sprawling ‘welfare’ state is now clear for everyone to see. It strikes at the very thing that makes us moral human beings, namely, responsibility for ourselves and invidual responsibility for others. As Bastiat observed, ‘To man responsibility is all-important. It is his mover and teacher, his rewarder and his avenger. Without it man is no longer a free agent, he is no longer perfectible, no longer a moral being, he learns nothing, he is nothing. He abandons himself to inaction, and becomes a mere unit of the herd.’

Welby and Francis may be ‘outspoken critics of global capitalism’, but Jesus was not. They are not following in his footsteps. I am told (by people who would defend them) that no matter what, they MEAN well. This counts for nothing. The most dreadful acts have been perpetrated, excused and overlooked, by people who mean well.  

These ‘outspoken critics’ are enemies of freedom, and should be feared all the more because they are so humble (to an almost theatrical degree), because they are so ‘well meaning’ and because they claim to speak in God’s name.

Get out your hammers and nails and head for the church doors.

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Just finished watching a BBC

Just finished watching a BBC series about nature. The final episode is 3 hours of how man is destroying nature. One of the dimwits interviewed for his opinion was the last Archbishop of Canterbury: Rowan Williams

A prissy, left wing useful idiot.

Great article Martin... I

Great article Martin...
I have long heard it argued that the disciples in the book of Acts sold their possessions to achieve equality...there is no mention of the state of course!! the bible promotes charity..not communism. ironically these churchmen want to discourage christians from doing their christian duty...LOL...sadly they are more interested in social justice than in sin and salvation.
'after darkness light'

any more documentaries in the pipeline??

Hi Martin, hope you're

Hi Martin,

hope you're well.

Of course the Catholic and Anglican churches are opposed to freedom and progress. The former because it's firmly rooted in the past and persists by demanding subservience, the latter because it's the established church of this fair land and is victim to political struggles. They both need their millions of impoverished, desperate followers in the developing world to keep putting a pittance in the plate every week to support and justify their existence.

It's got nothing to do with the present incumbents. It's in their very being.

Martin, I agree with your

I agree with your support of freedom in general, but there I have some reservations about what you say in this instance.

Firstly, the left has long redefined "Capitalism" along much broader terms than you are using here. Although I don't agree with their definition, I do concede that now-a-days we clearly do have "State Capitalism", "Crony Capitalism", etc, as opposed to what is now referred to as "Free Market Capitalism".
And the Left do control the definitions, via the self-selected Winston Smiths of the western media.
By using the broad term term "Capitalism" you are playing to the tune of the Left, leaving them open to oppose "Capitalism" by listing the numerous abuses of State and Crony Capitalism.

Secondly, you seem to accept, prima facie, Clifford Longley's characterisation of both Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby.

His characterisation may be correct, but it does seem a little overegged to me. And to leap from Longley's claims to statements like "the authoritarian instinct of Longley and Welby and Francis" and "They are not following in his [Jesus] footsteps" seems rather foolhardy.

I would suggest that before condemning the Archbishop and the Pope, you should read some of what they are saying, not what their ideological opponents are saying.

It's not like they are hiding their thinking under a bushel basket y'know.

Great stuff Martin - you

Great stuff Martin - you really ought to post more often.

I think the Internet IS the

I think the Internet IS the new Luther. Media commentators, the current priesthood, are being supplanted by the congregation's ability to communicate directly with information (God). You, Andrew Montford, Guido and the rest are leading a Reformation against the Indulgent Left/Green Orthodoxy. Keep it up.

Hi Martin, Real freedom must

Hi Martin,
Real freedom must be the biggest fear of those who want to be in control and manipulate.

Freedom to trade is one freedom. Freedom to communicate is another. Consider what Snowden exposed re NSA behaviours. Consider what blogs have achieved in exposing the climate change shenanigans.

Sadly, more folk seem to be persuaded by authority and fine sounding rhetoric, than by logic and fact. People seem to becoming slowly numbed to their gradual loss of freedoms. Statements like, you don't need to worry about big brother if you do nothing wrong, indicate acquiescence and ignorance.

Cheers from NZ,

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